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Howard, Beth, and I have mentioned to each other over the past four years how well built this house is.  It’s air-tight, soundproof, and has withstood the elements.  We have been very pleased.  Hope all is well - Just thought you should know that. - Paul K.

“Howard and his team made our building process a pleasant experience rather than a chore. He had an upbeat and "can-do" approach to every problem. He delivered exactly what we wanted, on time and under budget. And in the process, he was a delight to deal with -- always available -- and lots of fun too!! What else could you want in a builder? “—Betsy Gardner

“Hope you and your family are having a very merry Christmas we are celebrating ours with our family in the house and thought about you appreciate everything that you’ve done for us!”—Rusty Stafford

Special Projects Award

Griffin Award winner

for Historic Restoration

Featured on HGTV Dream Pools

Howard, We want to thank you again for building a wonderful home for us.  You and your team were a big part of our Asheville experience and we’ve appreciated getting to know you.  You’re a class act and if you ever need a referral, we’ll be happy to sing your praises.  In the meantime, we wish you happiness and prosperity.

Jeff & Mike

“I've worked with Howard in this profession for over 10 years. I've always found Howard to be a very good communicator with the client, designer and team members. Mayhew Consulting can meet the needs of any client.” - Houston Hammond

“It was great working with Howard and his team. They not only did a great job on my home but they make the process a good one. Howard has become part of the family!” Pat Patel

“We are so thankful for Howard”,  we are moving along and so happy with what what we are seeing. Everyone has been great to work with and again we are so appreciative of your help. --- MImi Austin

Howard McDill rescued us from of a disastrous major renovation debacle with a contractor who absconded and left our home inhabitable, with much remaining to be done (and redone). Howard spent nearly two months evaluating our situation, bringing in engineers and other specialists, all without compensation, before a plan emerged and we signed a contract. He and his team completed an outstanding job on schedule and within 10% of budget despite many problems that didn't surface until after the work was underway. We will always be grateful for Howard's creative response to our need, his professionalism and his friendship, which continues to this day, eight years later. - Richard Pigossi

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